Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Mondays, they have really stunk this week for reasons I won't blog about. Voracious life stealing Moday's with criminal intent on their minds followed by pussiant slow sneaky poisoned Sundays that you know are only trying to make you complacent so Monday can get in there with an shot to the appropriate nerve bundle just frontside of your taint.

At least Calvin still tries to enjoy snow, see link for Calvin and Hobbes happy snow sculptures.

Le sigh. I hope the next monday isnt as bad as this one was

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exercise malfunction

I am finding it sooo freaking hard to get it together. I am in the gym/or working out, at most 3 days a week which is an incredible acheivment as i was in the gym a whole big zero number of times before. I definately feel better and can see diffrences but I know time is only tick tocking away and soon it will be days before the engagement shoot with Steve and Tak from Stak Phothgraphers ( ). While i am really looking forward to the events and photos i am getting mildly anxiety ridden that I wouldn't have worked out enough or look as good as i should. LOL, way for me to be secure hunh?

I am heading to the gym now to burn some of this anxiety outta my body as it is a very unproductive form of stress.

Oh my friend Nick (who has graciously agreed to be a groomsman for me) is running a Dark Herasy Role playing game ( that is such a big creative release for me. I used to Role Play weekly and it has been years since it was a constant thing. I can thank him for clearing my head somewhat too.

I know what I need to do with the exercise and diet, just gotta keep it up and not fall back and put on any unewanted spare tires again.

Wish me luck folks! Since I don't know who else is reading this, a good thougtful e-pat on the back is cool too.


Monday, September 15, 2008


I know me and the missus agreed not to go nuts with the bridal registry but i want ONE NOWWWWWW!!!!!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +;title

September 14, 2008 7:43 PM PDT
Broil bacon in the microwave
Posted by Michelle Thatcher

Health concerns aside, one of the biggest drawbacks of cooking bacon is the mess: greasy splatters on your cooktop and/or stacks of soiled paper towels. The WowBacon bacon broiler ($20) promises to keep grease contained while cooking bacon to perfection--in your microwave.
Of course, cooking bacon in the device is slightly more complicated than just throwing it in a pan. First, you drape the bacon over a six-pronged rack and attach the lid to the top of the rack. Then lower the rack into the grease-catching cup and secure it with the attached clamps. The pitcher-like device is then ready to go into the microwave, where the bacon reportedly broils at more than 425 degrees. When it's done, lift the lid and rack out of the cup, pull the bacon off the rack (blotting any remaining grease if needed) and enjoy.
I'm not normally one for single-purpose gadgets, especially the "as seen on TV" kind. But, as someone whose BLT craving once drove her to attempt to fry bacon in a dorm room hot pot, I can see the appeal of this gadget for college students or other bacon lovers who'd rather not stand at the stove for their daily dose of salty pork.
Originally posted at Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets
Yahoo! Buzz

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Wow, I really sould like that dog from the Beggin Strips commercial, Bacon is soooo wonderfully evil.
So not wedding related but sweet!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thie problem with Fabrics

So i am a chubby (gonna be) hubby. Currently losing and exercising that spare heart attack inducing tire away and i need to get a suit...NOW...i say suit and not tux as we decided to be semi casual and a tan suit would go well with the color pallete. Sweet. So i go shopping....problems occur as most of the stores are now selling Winter Suits, and as our nuptial event is in April a more breezy light fabric would be preffered, so i dont suffer a heat stroak.

Problems begin because i can't wait to lose weight to get the suit as it will be dead on winter when that happens. BOOOOOO

So how much weight do i think i will lose? How much smaller will i get in size and Suit size.... bugger it all... i can hear the carnival hawkers taking bets now

How much does that spray on body paint latex will fit like a glove and probably cost less :D

will update!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Australian Conspiracy

I sit here staring at the strangest plug I've never before seen. After questioning a few folks not getting more than a few raised eyebrows it was brought to my attention that it is an adapter for an Australian outlet.

hunh...interesting...Australia...(7 months and 15 days)

Now you may not know this-not living in my brain and all-but over the last few weeks Australia has been so unsubtly thrust into my life. It's as if the Universe, where once it was a subtle little girl whispering Muse like inflections bringing gentle light into my everyday affairs, has given up. In her place is Guido the Australian debt collector. I have to check behind every door and email now as Australia is out to get a very bad way.

Here's how it began (insert shimmering flashback sequence)

Enter Scene: Chubby fianced red headed male twirling his keys walking into his office on an any day morning. Grabbing his mail and exchanging pleasantries with co workers he winds his way to his desk and starts up a sleek black computer. the item on top of his Mail is a brochure for traveling in Australia something to the affect of "Find your breath in our backyard" and it pictures a family on bikes and sailing. Interestingly enough he tosses it in the recycle and looks at the calendar on the wall, some 8 months and 17 odd days according to his scribbling; a countdown to an unmentioned event.

8 months and 11 days (a Wednesday) : Our focus is brought to attention on a computer screen. A hurried and randomly misspelled Google search for computer parts brings up an odd link,, fascinated it is saved as link into a sub folder containing a pool of links marked with "Investigate Later". It is promptly forgotten. {you can hear a short stomping of feet trailing off in the distance from my universal Muse}

8 months and 03 days (a Friday): Our hero is helping clean up an office and stumbles across a laptop. An IBM T23 with an asset tag belonging to his company. It is very different form the ones on the other machines. He drops it on his trolley along with assorted wiring, electronic bits and bots that once manipulated comprise a surprisingly large portion of his job. It is promptly forgotten once it is stashed in his overhead bin at his desk. {a wall is smacked repeatedly somewhere with the forehead of an outraged and confounded Muse}

7 Months and 29 Days (a Thursday): [my first day of Guido stepping in]. Our Hero is frantically looking for a copy of a shipping receipt. Mumbling 'Don't forget to cover your ass, Stephen." is repeated over and over Mantra style. Turning a key into the lock of his overhead bin a dusty black object shoots out and strikes him, barely missing an unwitting cranial event with quick hands. (Of note his Fiance can attest to and has made personal record of said quick hands). A laptop is quite forcefully reinserted into the overhead bin only to slide out again moments later with a few personal items and empty boxes. More juggling ensues and the laptop is left on the desk. Time passes and a manager, seen by his shirt and tie, enters and begins a conversation where the laptop is motioned to. Strangely enough the boss knows the label and mouths Australia Office. [Guido high fives the muse and they walk away for a drink]

7 months and 18 days (a Sunday): Our hero grumbling about Sundays travels over bus and train to meet the second string Officiant. To be fair the first detailed April as her birthing day and even though a +1 was offered to the Officiant and Mother to be she declined offering up a few choice recommendations for replacements. There was one that looked like Santa Claus, and another with really really frizzy hair, one more that looked like he would steal the soaps from a church, the list went on and on and they couple to be realizes that they could be considered a bit shallow and elitist wanting someone to stand with them in the pictures that was not possibly a convict or overtly malformed-they attest it to wedding stress and move on, elitism promptly forgotten. Bagels and coffee are being devoured at a small table as the young couple talk endearingly about the nuptial event to come when in walks a very pregnant lady who is quickly introduced and her accent loved by the couple. (wondering note: have all officiants some baby making pact?) Some short time later our Officiant leaves followed by approving nods, she is Greek raised in Australia and has the most wonderful accent. Wondering about kids having Ozzie accents they laugh and return home. [Guido and the muse watch on eating popcorn]

7 months and 17 days (a Monday): A Starbucks in Brooklyn. The Hero's fiance admits that any excuse to bring him to Brooklyn will be met with fierce enthusiasm. Our Videographers, which are already loved cemented the deal showing us samples and being entirely conversational. She relates stories about her and her husband in Australia spending years there loving it as well as how to immigrate there on a working Holiday Visa. Jokes are relayed from the couple but their rapt attention gives them away. Sad to part company the couple travels home discussing the possibility of moving to Australia. [Guido slips the charming lady a sealed envelope as she turns the corner, their eyes never meeting as the exchange is made. Entirely Professional]

The discussion quickly moves from the realms of possible to the realm of very likely. The Videographer even sends an email later that night following up on the immigration information she provided, wondering (innocently) if it was still accurate.

7 months and 15 days (a Today): Our hero types at blogspot as he pockets the outrageous keep the adapter plug as another indicator that Australia is awaiting them in the future, possibly, definitely maybe. He flips back and forth comparing cooking schools in Australia and New York wondering how cool it would be to learn to cook professionally in another country. [Guido and the Muse watch from around different corners as our fianced hero saves the blog message considering their job done for now. They close their phones and leave inconspicuously in different directions, gluing up Australia festival posters and rerouting travel brochures as they go.]

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grandma a Go Go

we got to visit my Maternal Grandmother, Jean today and i have to say that I am both emotionally and physically exhausted in a very happy way.

My Grannie tells the story of my curly hair as follows; when I was a babe i had this tiny lock of head atop my head and it was shocking shade of red (this has faded over time slightly to a deeper color), she would sit in the rocking chair, sing to me and curl this lock of hair over and over and over and over. She admits to being surprised it didn't fall off eventually. Ultimately as new hair grew in she would continue to curl them in her hand over and over and at some point along the way it stuck, even though she wouldn't see me for a few days the hair would continue to curl on its own.

She takes credit for my head of hair which today was the first time she has seen shorn off, and loves me more each chance she can get to hug on me.

She is by far the most influential woman in my life. I owe her my life many times over as acting between my single mother's disciplinary actions and her Beloved Stevie.

I love you more than i can ever say, even though i say it a lot, and wish i could every night kiss you on the cheek and hug on you, taking a little of your Irish Spring scent to remind me of where i came from.

wedding rsvps, invites, save the dates, all diffrent stuff?

Recently I was educated about the many forms of paper goods weddings absorb ( There is a big difference between rsvp's and save the dates and invitations. being a guy i thought we could just send them all out at the same time. "No no no, it doesn't work that way." I have a lot to learn. I do believe that our recent conversation regarding the old and new Save The Dates ran for a few days since we changed the seasonal from a fall to a spring event, you should be able to see it at the link above to my intendeds blog but the conversation was scaled down to be readable. It was interspersed with Warcraft (, Photoshop, and our pups getting in the middle of the talk but here is the skinny

you: "trees don't work for spring"
me: "why? are there no trees in the spring?"

you: "no, trees are for the fall, flowers signify spring, why can't you see that? I love you. your blind to all things artistic aren't you? (paraphrased) "
me: "but trees have flowers and they bloom just like flowers. trees are big plants! they work!"

you: "..." {insert disbelieving look} "why do you do this to me?"
me: "you wanted input, i want the trees, please my love."

you: "I'll see what i can do" {rolls eyes thinking about all the work you will need to do} "you really don't deserve me, you know"
me: "i know, I'm tryin to marry up. i love you.

you: "i love you more"
me: Smiles {thinking i always let you win that argument}

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anti, Anti?

Avanté, Avanté, ! I'm told. Once every month to publish is not fast enough, BeenSmitten has been threatened with character attacks and insinuations of a most unpleasant nature if i do not go on to reveal and express myself fully and in a more entertaining manner then the witty and charming in person life critique and errant verbal vandalism that categorizes my daily agenda.

With a promise at efforts, i thee make bloggie thing. lets see where it leads

To expand on my initial agenda explanations need be given where i wish to continue to process towards wedded happiness and a posting of constant critique of the plans and histories of my travels to such paradise with other than a happy flair would find themselves frowned upon in a most displeasing way by said Fiancé. So, to as not disengage myself completely from this affair I will spread the literary wings of thought and bring about more of what I bring to this table and make it an honest blog of life as I travel and not as someone close to me put it "a marriage bashing blog". Yes i can see how that would make mince meat of me in a quick and dirty fashion. kind of a kidney punch to the au-jus containers.

Ill start shortly i need to find the pictures of me shaving my head

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

here we go

First blog yayyyy!

I don't have a much start off with tonight but I wanted to grab the blogspot title as it instantly interested me in a very hysterically happy way. Look up and see :)

Ok, so the premis is that i'm engaged to a super duper woman who I am absolutely smitten with. I am the Groom to be and this log, along with explaining some of my personal ups and downs moving towards the nuptials, will be the counter-blog to my lovely hunnies blog....The anti-blog if you will. :)

Oh, and ill talk about stuff too-promise.

Lets see where this takes us.