Monday, February 9, 2009

Running news

Well for the first time in my life I am working on something other than a video game.

Veronica helped me through covering the six mile loop in central park. I found out a lot about my own limits and things i seriously need to look into to be able to keep on moving forward to the Half marathon this coming may I plan on running in.

I've lost a lot of weight to date but more needs to be moved out, plans are in place :D ?

I apparently do not know how to breathe, who'd have figured on that? I cannot believe I am reading on how to breathe...
Step1 Form this breathing pattern by taking one full breath for every eight steps (inhale four steps/exhale four steps).
Step2 Begin to breathe in as your left foot strikes the ground for the first time.
Step3 Continue to inhale for two full strides of each leg (four steps) ' your right foot lands, then left, then right again.
Step4 Exhale the next time your left foot hits the ground.
Step5 Continue to breathe out for two full strides of each leg (four steps) ' your right foot lands, then left, then right again.
Step6 Repeat the pattern and continue running.
I'll report on progress's shortly

An old injury left me with one flat foot. Yeah shoe shopping is HARD. However researching all this stuff is easy, yayyy Internet, the newest nanny.
looks like the best shoe for me is Training Shoe: Fila Flow Sanctuary, since "Runners that have a flat foot often over pronate or roll in more than normal."

Obviously there is a lot going on in my life the short list is really interesting. I am temping for the Hess Corporation this week and have been getting interviewed with Alix partners for a full time going forward. I have been out of full time employment for some time and temping was really not cutting it for me so I am super glad all the interviews and applications are truly coming to some fruition.

I have been composing some other blogs and personal that will eventually be public I think, but for now this has been my news. :D