Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grandma a Go Go

we got to visit my Maternal Grandmother, Jean today and i have to say that I am both emotionally and physically exhausted in a very happy way.

My Grannie tells the story of my curly hair as follows; when I was a babe i had this tiny lock of head atop my head and it was shocking shade of red (this has faded over time slightly to a deeper color), she would sit in the rocking chair, sing to me and curl this lock of hair over and over and over and over. She admits to being surprised it didn't fall off eventually. Ultimately as new hair grew in she would continue to curl them in her hand over and over and at some point along the way it stuck, even though she wouldn't see me for a few days the hair would continue to curl on its own.

She takes credit for my head of hair which today was the first time she has seen shorn off, and loves me more each chance she can get to hug on me.

She is by far the most influential woman in my life. I owe her my life many times over as acting between my single mother's disciplinary actions and her Beloved Stevie.

I love you more than i can ever say, even though i say it a lot, and wish i could every night kiss you on the cheek and hug on you, taking a little of your Irish Spring scent to remind me of where i came from.

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Stak Photographers said...

That was a very nice story, we enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing! She sounds like a special lady...