Sunday, July 20, 2008

wedding rsvps, invites, save the dates, all diffrent stuff?

Recently I was educated about the many forms of paper goods weddings absorb ( There is a big difference between rsvp's and save the dates and invitations. being a guy i thought we could just send them all out at the same time. "No no no, it doesn't work that way." I have a lot to learn. I do believe that our recent conversation regarding the old and new Save The Dates ran for a few days since we changed the seasonal from a fall to a spring event, you should be able to see it at the link above to my intendeds blog but the conversation was scaled down to be readable. It was interspersed with Warcraft (, Photoshop, and our pups getting in the middle of the talk but here is the skinny

you: "trees don't work for spring"
me: "why? are there no trees in the spring?"

you: "no, trees are for the fall, flowers signify spring, why can't you see that? I love you. your blind to all things artistic aren't you? (paraphrased) "
me: "but trees have flowers and they bloom just like flowers. trees are big plants! they work!"

you: "..." {insert disbelieving look} "why do you do this to me?"
me: "you wanted input, i want the trees, please my love."

you: "I'll see what i can do" {rolls eyes thinking about all the work you will need to do} "you really don't deserve me, you know"
me: "i know, I'm tryin to marry up. i love you.

you: "i love you more"
me: Smiles {thinking i always let you win that argument}


Ms. 122 said...

Mr. 122 has had to learn a lot about weddings too. It's like a right of passage for men, or something. I'm sure they could live without all this information, but it's kind of fun to see the looks we get for being so maniacal about paper.

Also, I put a little link love on 122rollcall. Hope that's ok, but let me know if it's not.


patrick said...

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