Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anti, Anti?

Avanté, Avanté, ! I'm told. Once every month to publish is not fast enough, BeenSmitten has been threatened with character attacks and insinuations of a most unpleasant nature if i do not go on to reveal and express myself fully and in a more entertaining manner then the witty and charming in person life critique and errant verbal vandalism that categorizes my daily agenda.

With a promise at efforts, i thee make bloggie thing. lets see where it leads

To expand on my initial agenda explanations need be given where i wish to continue to process towards wedded happiness and a posting of constant critique of the plans and histories of my travels to such paradise with other than a happy flair would find themselves frowned upon in a most displeasing way by said Fiancé. So, to as not disengage myself completely from this affair I will spread the literary wings of thought and bring about more of what I bring to this table and make it an honest blog of life as I travel and not as someone close to me put it "a marriage bashing blog". Yes i can see how that would make mince meat of me in a quick and dirty fashion. kind of a kidney punch to the au-jus containers.

Ill start shortly i need to find the pictures of me shaving my head

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