Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exercise malfunction

I am finding it sooo freaking hard to get it together. I am in the gym/or working out, at most 3 days a week which is an incredible acheivment as i was in the gym a whole big zero number of times before. I definately feel better and can see diffrences but I know time is only tick tocking away and soon it will be days before the engagement shoot with Steve and Tak from Stak Phothgraphers ( ). While i am really looking forward to the events and photos i am getting mildly anxiety ridden that I wouldn't have worked out enough or look as good as i should. LOL, way for me to be secure hunh?

I am heading to the gym now to burn some of this anxiety outta my body as it is a very unproductive form of stress.

Oh my friend Nick (who has graciously agreed to be a groomsman for me) is running a Dark Herasy Role playing game ( that is such a big creative release for me. I used to Role Play weekly and it has been years since it was a constant thing. I can thank him for clearing my head somewhat too.

I know what I need to do with the exercise and diet, just gotta keep it up and not fall back and put on any unewanted spare tires again.

Wish me luck folks! Since I don't know who else is reading this, a good thougtful e-pat on the back is cool too.


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Veronica said...

My Love. I didn't know you would be stressed?! You are so handsome and so photogenic. You're gonna look great. And their pros. They make you look great if you're not at the top of your game that day. Try not to worry about the photo session. It'll be fun! Just keep up with your new regimine. For your health and nothing else. I only worry about that. I want you to live forever - remember?! You must promise me you will make your health a priority. I don't want to loose you =(. Promise?