Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thie problem with Fabrics

So i am a chubby (gonna be) hubby. Currently losing and exercising that spare heart attack inducing tire away and i need to get a suit...NOW...i say suit and not tux as we decided to be semi casual and a tan suit would go well with the color pallete. Sweet. So i go shopping....problems occur as most of the stores are now selling Winter Suits, and as our nuptial event is in April a more breezy light fabric would be preffered, so i dont suffer a heat stroak.

Problems begin because i can't wait to lose weight to get the suit as it will be dead on winter when that happens. BOOOOOO

So how much weight do i think i will lose? How much smaller will i get in size and Suit size.... bugger it all... i can hear the carnival hawkers taking bets now

How much does that spray on body paint latex will fit like a glove and probably cost less :D

will update!

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Veronica said...

You're the cutest hubby to be in the whole wide world. I love you! We'll figure something out for your suit. I'm not worried =)