Monday, September 15, 2008


I know me and the missus agreed not to go nuts with the bridal registry but i want ONE NOWWWWWW!!!!!

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September 14, 2008 7:43 PM PDT
Broil bacon in the microwave
Posted by Michelle Thatcher

Health concerns aside, one of the biggest drawbacks of cooking bacon is the mess: greasy splatters on your cooktop and/or stacks of soiled paper towels. The WowBacon bacon broiler ($20) promises to keep grease contained while cooking bacon to perfection--in your microwave.
Of course, cooking bacon in the device is slightly more complicated than just throwing it in a pan. First, you drape the bacon over a six-pronged rack and attach the lid to the top of the rack. Then lower the rack into the grease-catching cup and secure it with the attached clamps. The pitcher-like device is then ready to go into the microwave, where the bacon reportedly broils at more than 425 degrees. When it's done, lift the lid and rack out of the cup, pull the bacon off the rack (blotting any remaining grease if needed) and enjoy.
I'm not normally one for single-purpose gadgets, especially the "as seen on TV" kind. But, as someone whose BLT craving once drove her to attempt to fry bacon in a dorm room hot pot, I can see the appeal of this gadget for college students or other bacon lovers who'd rather not stand at the stove for their daily dose of salty pork.
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Wow, I really sould like that dog from the Beggin Strips commercial, Bacon is soooo wonderfully evil.
So not wedding related but sweet!

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Veronica said...

No Bacon for you! lol!